So I still have my very first email account, a hotmail account as a secondary, kinda spam account.

i signed up around 2000 i guess.

someone tried to get in, i got loads of mails of failed login attempts so i wanned to go and change my pw. But because of that bastard i cant login with just pw anymore, i need my phone. THAT ACCOUNT IS 20 FUCKING YEARS OLD. I never even provided a phone.
spent the last 20 minutes providing personal details to microsoft which are probably not the ones i used for signing up anyway.

you know how careful we were whem signing up for something online back them? I probably signed up as Thomas anderson from zion...

anyway, done now and bow it will take 24h for them to review it..

all of this only to reset my forgotten pw for my epic games account for with i signed up with that mail..,

holy guacamole.. I should start to trust password managers...

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    Holy guacamole, you totally should. Once you realize you only have to remember one password ever again and you can log in with just a click, it removes such a huge stress from your brain.

    If I may suggest, KeePass2/KeePassXC make for an excellent choice. Bonus: they can store ssh keys and act as ssh-agent too, so you won't even have to worry about protecting your ssh keys. (KP2 uses a plugin but works on windows, XC does it natively, but both are good)
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