I had to build a few packages today from a git source.

Everything just plain text or shell scripts - so no fancy shit, no buildsystem... Nothing.

I was painfully reminded why I had forgotten a lot about dpkg package builds.

Fun facts:
- seems like impossibro to define an output directory for debuild (../ from source which must be pwd/cwd)
- i used /opt/<vendor_name>... Purging the deb from system deletes opt too, as it is empty
- reprepro (or whateva it is called) fails with an "uncommon GPG error" instead of saying "I don't know which key to use"
- creating rolling release numbers (as the packages won't have a real versioning system...) is fun - when you remember that date isn't sufficient, as the time part is necessary to build multiple packages (versions) per day

Compared to an Gentoo ebuild, this was really rocket science....

Guess as soon as someone does not follow the debian way, he must be shunned and exiled. At least it felt like this ....

But it works now. Woohoo. *cries internally*

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