My rants have been too long lately. Have some distilled ire instead.

Fuck computer gremlins.
Fuck non-deterministic BS.
Fuck shit working the third fucking time I try it with no changes in between.
Fuck MojoJojoing
Fuck ExecJS laoding only half the time
Fuck RubyMine for fucking up seven times a fucking day.
And fuck this dev environment!
I just want to fucking work!


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    just have a glas of wine. or whisky. whatever floats your boat.
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    RubyMine or EnemyMine, you decide.
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    wtf is MojoJojoing? 🤣
    Sounds like a cheap fake chinese version of mahjongg
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    @rootofskynet Her boat is a pile of corpses glued together. What floats it is the blood of her enemies swallowing up the nearby islands and salting the earth.

    Makes no sense but whatever.
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    @rutee07 so it shall be klingon bloodwine..
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    @PonySlaystation Remember MojoJojo from Powerpuff Girls? I said the same thing three times in a row, just differently.
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    Have you Ehm... tried rebooting it ?
    Or tried to install arch ?
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    @dder It's a mac. I threatened it with nail polish remover, and it suddenly agreed to start working. 💅
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    @Root hm.
    Yeah if that happens again and you are out of nail polish remover, try installing arch.
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    @dder i don't think that one needs to 'arch' everything. a debian could do the job too. just sayin.
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    @rootofskynet I have some flavor of Debain running on half the computers in the house 😋
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    @Root nice, same over here. the only exception is my NAS, that runs like a clockwork on CentOS.
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    @Root @rootofskynet I don’t understand why one would run Debian. For me, there is so much software running on that machine which I don’t need. I think this is supposed to make things easier, but I just had issues when updating and installing other stuff, which was incompatible with the preinstalled stuff...
    sure, still matter of taste, and that’s just my 2 cents...
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    @dder I guess I'm just used to it. I only rarely run into issues anymore.
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    @Root lucky you!
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