I don't feel like doing anything.... What's the point ...

Can't tell if I'm bored, tired, or depressed...

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    Step 1: Obtain cup
    Step 2: Obtain alcohol
    Step 3: Fill cup with alcohol
    Step 4: Don't worry about it
    Step 5: repeat step 3 until you can't
    Step 6: don't die
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    @Stuxnet If I didn't have 2 jobs, personal projects behind schedule and to study, I'd make a list of different ways you have recommended alcohol. It'd be interesting, it's like 30% of the comments of yours I see.
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    Take a break, could be burn out.
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    @Stuxnet I think you can only fill the cup once
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    I don't know how old you are, but you simply could be experiencing what those of use who are older experienced when we were younger. That first time everything feels finished and your curiosity flags.
    If that's the case, just relax and let it pass. You'll pick up again soon.
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    Take an easy day. Tommorow will be better. I always say that to myself when my depression is bad.
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    @pythonInRelay maybe trumpalism... All the news lately haven't been helping...

    Or just homesick... But I don't know anymore if going back to my place will help much either....

    Riots, protests, covid, my other health problems, ahh... What's next....
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