Jesus Christ Reddit really is full of some sensitive ass basement dwelling retards. God forbid someone doesn't contribute to the circle jerk mentality that literally every fucking subreddit has.

I bet SO users spend their free time there.

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    Link to one thread? I am digesting my food, could use a "good read".
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    Ah, and the unpopularopinion subreddit has the best snowflake-cornflake gangbang compilation I've ever seen.
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    Reddit only useful for finding gaming buddies and it's still cancer. I lose braincells every time I see the front page before logging in.
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    @lkjhgf253 I've found some niche fashion subs that are chill once you get past the cunty personality that exists even irl with some of the people.

    Plus the NASCAR and Korean Baseball sub have both been really welcoming to those of us that are new due to them being two of the only live sports leagues.
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    @Stuxnet don't forget the Mongolian basket weaving subs.
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    I think this goes for all social media in general. Say something unpopular on Twitter and see what happens to you.
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    > using reddit.
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    I think it's the tree style comments. Lets people jump in to nitpick and start arguments too easily
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    @M3m35terJ05h yup. cant believe I didnt see it sooner.
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    You just follow the wrong subreddits.
    I'm subbed to lifeprotips, historymemes, pics, todayilearned, gifs, tifu, and my country's one (along with rust and others)
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    @MagicSowap no.

    It's universal throughout the vast majority of them.
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    I think they won't make design choices that cost them more server space and money for no apparent benefit.
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