The feeling when random dudes downvote a question, because a guy who finally earned some points on SO dared to format the code with `<code>`<br> He pasted code, log, even explained a little bit and ~500 point guy even flags it like _unclear_ although there's clearly visible import error.

I mean... as an answerer or moderator, I'd be damn ashamed for such behavior! I have absolutely no problem kick a person with words + explanation in my answer or comment, so that (s)he remembers to ask better questions and feels bad about that, because nooby questions are already answered so many times there.

But to downvote because of formatting even if you have a permission to edit and a flag for low quality or because you can't read ~40 lines of log makes you just a retard and hurt the whole remaining community of guys like me who find time to sit there and answer questions to help another people.

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    I used to be the top 5% of answers in the coldfusion tag... but not anymore. I have since moved to a different platform that allows you to create live talks on development topics. Kind of like a 24/7 dev conference. It's pretty cool because you're responsible for the content.
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    What platform are you using instead?
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    @fyroc That's not cool at all, it opens a simpler way for trolls and "teach me everything" people which will eat your precious time or ignite you with rage of thousand little chipmunks.

    It would be nice to see the platform though :)
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    @meros @keyweeusr I'll post a link when it's in open beta.
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    About the (annoying) random dudes downvoting: would it help SO (and thereby future you/us) to require elaborating on a downvote? (with a comment or an already existing comment) just a thought
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    @JBSnorro of course yes. At least it'd be known what's wrong with a question/answer. Current situation with downvoting is more like hit and run.

    Flagging however is done very nicely, it'll leave at least auto-generated comment as a reason. I prefer it more. Don't get me wrong, downvoting is useful, but as I see it, it's more abused than useful the way it's done now. Buuuut... there's this anonymity thing, so requiring such comments will break that.
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    @meros @keyweeusr It's now in open beta for devrant users. http://unityco.de

    Just note, it's in early beta.
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