You are a legend if you get this.

Ctrl + L
Ctrl + V
Page down
Ctrl + C

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    Googling and clicking the first Stack Overflow link from an error you copied?
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    @jschmold You Sir, are a legend 😆
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    Shift + O
    Ctrl + V
    AG (or with what ever combo the link is highlighted)
    Seelct code with movement commands

    Vimium/tridactyl ftw!
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    @fuckwit (long time vimium user)
    Except it's quite annoying and slow to use F :) I somehow manage to click on the link with my touchpad faster than with F :D

    1. find the button visually
    2. hit F
    3. calm your focus after all those yellow labels appear and refocus on the link you want
    4. read the letters (if you're good at peripheral reading that might be a challenge :) )
    5. type them

    1. find the button visually
    2. find the cursor's current position visually
    3. estimate delta vector's direction and approx movement speed
    4. move, apply speed compensations at the end
    5. click

    Somehow touchpad often cases is quicker. F's labels' appearance distracts me a bit too much I guess
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    @netikras yeah it's not the nicest way to navigate but sometimes I just really don't wanna move my hand away from the keyboard.

    And thanks for reminding to try a track pad. Wanted to try using a big one for my main desktop. If jsut something like the apple magic track pad would work on Linux :/
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    On linux, you can just select a piece of text, then middle click the new tab button in chrome to search for it
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