So, I'm starting cross platform mobile app development with NativeScript. Just side projects at the moment, nothing "business-related".

Well, as for the Android part, I'm free to choose whether I'd like to develop on Windows 10- or on my Linux machine. I can compile the project on either system. As for publishing it to Google Play, I might do it, I might not do it, since it is possible to install an app by providing the apk file.

As for the Apple part: I'd either have to buy an completely overpriced Apple computer (iMac, MacBook, etc.) or subscribe to a pricey online CI/CD service... just to be able to compile the fucking project. And if that wouldn't be enough, Apple wants to charge me 99 $ a year so I may have a chance to publish the app to their App Store... of course without any guarantees that my app will be published, because it might be revoked by them. WHAT THE FUCK?

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    Apple cares more about selling its cookware than it's user base tbh
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    @lkjhgf253 Correct! It's kind of surprising that it's Apple that seems to be the last of the big "closed source / pay for everything" players which emerged in the 80s.

    Even Microsoft, which was considered the biggest player in this league, opened itself up considerably... especially since Satya Nadella is in charge.
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    You can run a macOS VM in Linux using qemu/KVM 😉
    It's what I use for compiling macOS binaries since cross compiling is such a mess
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    And then the Apple's crapp store isn't even GPL compatible because of restrictions on conveying the binary.

    My solution for my main side project: telling iOS users to buy an Android device. Done.
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    @Fast-Nop I might be doing just that.
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