Hey guys , how are you dealing with covid19 health-wise you know, mentally and physically? I know most of people aren't affected (and i hope you remain the same) or won't care much, but me and my family has always been too anxious.

We had been taking a lot of precautions, but recently my father got sick followed by myself and then my mom.

Those are some mild sickness( <100°F fever, weakness little dry cough) and it maybe purely a coincident that we all got same symptoms and felt sick one by one , but we would be foolish to not consider coronavirus a cause.

And with that realisation comes another wave of panic down my sick parents mind who immediately go into state of paranoia.

How are you people dealing with this? Do you think your strategies and preparations against the virus are enough? Also how exactly are you applying safety measures in home, if someone is sick? Different soaps, different rooms etc?
Stay safe guys . Let's chat to feel better

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    *my english is not very good . By paranoia i don't really mean like mentally crazy. They just start doubting the current measures and start asking to stay away
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    Step 1 is to keep calm
    It’s rainy season here so might be a seasonal flu.

    just don’t go outside too much when you are sick and if you do, shield up !!

    Only go for test when it results in breathing difficultly (even minor one) or it last for more than 2 weeks.

    I got fever too in month of march but it passed away and i also took proper precautions not to go out much

    Keep you brain busy in some cool projects

    Install govt app arogya setu, it will help in contact tracing also to predict if you need to go for a test or not

    Stay safe , peace ✌️
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    You can just do as much as reasonable to prevent.

    People around me have got it, and they got well again. Nothing went wrong. Even the elderly rested and got better. Ofc, this also depends on pre-existing conditions, but those I came across, kept calm, got better, and went back to living life. And even they are cautious because they don't know if they can get it a second time.
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    @NoMad i am trying to keep calm, and maybe my parents are trying that too. But the current environment is too tensed and am pretty sure that their anxious behaviours are a result of fears within.

    We are hearing about deaths/positive cases in alot of our relatives and distant neighbours. Maybe that's worrying them? Idk. The worst feeling is the fact that they are treating me as a child and themselves as some kind of highly contagious monster. Even though i am fine and they are in pain,they won't take my help. And this pains and irritates me
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    I follow all government guidelines but I'm not scared or anything at all :)
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    @linuxxx well I hope you have a sensible government, I'm lucky I was where I am when it all happend
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    You can only do so much to prevent it.

    It has happened to others around me, and they are now well. It was all good. Even the old got better and rested. This depends on your pre-existing condition, but the people I met kept their cool and got better. They then went back to living their lives. Even they are cautious, they don't know if it will happen again.
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