How am I even supposed to learn securit? I have been playing CTFs for a little over a year now, learned some interesting stuff and had some fun. But I still didn't ever get the feeling that I learned something really valuable.
I just saw this video and I trust LiveOverflow on this but I seriously have no idea how to continue from now on. https://youtube.com/watch/...
I even consider quitting this and instead spend my time improving my programming skills but I would really like to get into the field. Why is this so hard when you can find good info on everything online nowadays?
Thanks for reading my post, maybe I just need to go outside for some time to get improve my mood :)

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    Same here.. where else I (a beginner) can practice if not through CTFs?

    Nice youtube video btw...
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    @cho-uc LiveOverflow is a really good channel for this kind of thing. He also has a video talking about why CTFs are great for getting into security
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    Y'all need to play about on something more diverse like on HackTheBox or learn something from Cybrary.

    There are so many fields of security, web, application, network, mobile; All treated differently, expanding your knowledge on them separately will be a huge boon to a security career as they often individually spike in what's needed at the time.

    Source: This shit used to be my job.
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    @PlatinumFire Thank you, I just signed up at HackTheBox to check it out
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    Wait.. I thought that HTB and CTF are belong to one group.. i.e the goal is the same to find the loop holes.
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