On today's edition of accurate ads

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    Ads? What's that?
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    If you write ANYTHING, AND I REALLY MEAN FUCKIN ANYTHING, you need grammarly.

    I also need to learn how she does that flat hand gesture.

    Also2: look how filthy rich she appears, that sofa is expensive as all hell and those decorations in the background are probably worth a fortune.
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    @kamen Sadly, adblock is not 100% effective against all forms of advertising.

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    @bittersweet Yeah, unfortunately you're right.
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    @bittersweet I understand your pov, but look at it also from the content creators' pov. There are some content creators who don't know about patreon (and other stuff like onlyfans). Thus they feel the need to advertise it within their own videos by themselves.
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    Yeah I fully understand, people gotta eat.

    And some of the common stuff isn't even that bad -- well, fuck the VPNs and mobile games; but Brilliant and Skillshare are very decent.

    The problem is that normal YouTube ads aren't "personal endorsements", don't pay much and are usually blocked, so content creators rather get paid for direct sponsors they endorse -- but those don't take into account that the product might not be available in your country (fuck your foam mattress sponsor), or you already bought the product, or you really aren't interested.

    Would be nice if there was something in between: If YouTube allowed creators to record sponsor fragments or pick from stuff they really endorse, and allow viewers to ++ or -- those ads.
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    @bittersweet I 100% second that.

    The viewer should be given the freedom of deciding if they want to see this exact ad or some other ad.
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    Or at least blacklist a few things 😐

    I don't mind if a Game review channel has an announcement trailer for Asscreed Beardviking on the actual review video for Asscreed Sparta. It aligns with the topic, I might not have heard about the new game yet, it might lead to a purchase.

    Same with a woodworking channel endorsing a DeWalt or Festool router because they actually like it; Or Kurzgesagt saying "hey, we can teach you the animation style we use in our videos, because we have a course on skillshare".

    But if I watch a cooking tutorial on how to make the best focaccias, and the cook suddenly yells at me: "HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS FREE MOBILE GAME CALLED CASTLE CLASH"... and I install it... and it's total shit... Then a button "your endorsement sucks harder than the fans in my overheating laptop" would be welcome.
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    Oh and there should definitely be some internal counter which just skips the sponsor automatically after you've seen it twice.
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    @bittersweet But don't forget to buy grammerly if you're gonna chat in RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.

    u wouldnt want to be thot of ass iliterate by total fucking strangers on the internet n there VERY IMPORTANT opinions of u.
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