"Why do you use open source software? Anyone can open the code and tinker with it."
- A Software Engineering grad.


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    That's exactly the reason! 🤣🤣
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    Does he think that downloading and changing the code for himself will magically change it on your system too?
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    More likely he's bought into the corporate profit and security in obscurity train of thoughts. Libertarianism-as-code.
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    @AlgoRythm Yeah and I'm still stunned.
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    Objectivism-oriented programming.
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    Uninformed and/or an idiot.
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    On your own system, you can, sure
    On git-hub/lab/whatever, sure, if your pull request gets accepted.
    On someone else's system: nope.
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    This confused the hell out of me until I read it like:

    "Why would you ever use Open Source? ..."

    Now I get the facepalm
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    What worries me more is open-source hardware!

    I mean what if it rains and it shorts the board and it stops working! We must only use close source hardware!!

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    @sudocode ikr 😂😂
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    @sudocode Good point! Case closed.
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