Okay, let's admit this, being a programmer, I never heard of devRant. The thing that made me join this platform was that it was giving away some free goodies, please don't hate me xD. I thought this would be like any other meme sharing platform where all nonsense is talked. But boy, how wrong I was. I ended up, using this application all the time. The people here, they are just amazing, I learned a lot here.

But the irony is, that I never received free goodies xD.

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    I came here after I started hating programmerhumor
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    Heh, I was the same. I'd say my ongoing activity is a reasonably good trade off for a few stickers to fill up my sticker book.

    Those who think I'm an annoying arrogant arse will disagree of course 😬
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    You don’t need free shit to appreciate this platform.
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    @molaram yes I agree
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    If you already like the free experience, try premium.
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    I came to devRant by a chance after searching devhumor 😂 I love this place
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