fun fact: when the world made the switch to the Gregorian calendar in the 1500's, we lost about 8 years in translation, so technically, this is the year 2012.

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    Mayan calendar is right after all?
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    "And the world shall end in the 12th cycle of the 2nd millennial"
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    Could you imagine the panic if this were 2012 with all the 2012 conspiracy nuts we had? At least this way there is some peace and quiet while we all perish in this apocalypse.
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    @TheCommoner282 Just a little note to my last comment. Grammarly informed me that was hopeful and inspirational.
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    @TheCommoner282 AI is at its peak obviously.
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    If we lost 8 years in transition , doesn't it mean its 2028 right now ?
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    I thought it was only a few days lost and that this was some bullshit "fact" to get clout on Reddit?
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    The whole world didn't make the switch in the 1500s. Even then England hated Europe (really more to do with hating catholics), so only finally switched in 1752, when the whole country lost 11 days, except for the tax man, who refused to discount the 11 days, which is why our tax year starts on April 6th.
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