Hello world again! Long time no see.
I changed phone, so I've reinstalled devRant on my phone just now.
How have you been? Everything okay?
Yes, I know shit has gone down with this shitty virus. Hopefully, it'll die soon.
Until then, take care and stay safe.
Prioritize health, but still enjoy the good things in life where possible.
Glad to see you all again. 💙

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    how's it going in Italy?
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    Welllllll... yeah good I guess. It's going better than a couple months ago, when the pandemic first got here too.
    Now things seem to be calming down, the number of cases are decreasing and hopefully soon it'll turn to 0. For now the country has slowly started to resume its normal workflow, with the due precautions.
    We'll see how it goes, hopefully good.
    Thanks for caring. 💙
    How about you, how is it going there, where you are?
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    oh yeah covid is practically over in Switzerland. enjoying life hiking in the alps.
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    @heyheni That's fantastic 💙
    I hope we'll all be able to enjoy some time outside soon; may you have fun! 💙
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