Brave Browser was found hardcoding referral links to partnered Crypto sites, even if you manually type the URL.

Since then , they have fixed the bug but it's hard to trust Brave again.

Privacy is built on trust. I have recommended Brave to my friends and family and seeing news like this , makes me skeptical about the company.

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    "fixed the bug"


    mhm yeah
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    Ironic considering their advertisements.
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    @PublicByte Mozilla may send telemetry (opt-in), but at least they're not giving you crypto referral links
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    yeah but muh $0.10/day of BAT /s
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    sure it was, buddy, sure it was.
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    Good I never trusted Brave in the first place. It looked fishy at the very first moment I read about it.
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    "....changed the title Fix for the affiliate ID fuckup"

    src: github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/10129
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    Damn, I was literally just about to toss that on my machine but now I'm spooked. What kinda dumb shit are they pulling?? Can't fucking trust anything nowadays
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