OMFG I'm exhausted from the workload this last week, but everything is due this week and I'm totally ruined because everything is half done. Just murder me in my sleep please.

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    The whole "chew vs bite" argument, I know.
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    Just remember that the world is not ending. If you know you won’t hit it, communicate early, and disclose what you can complete. Your stress will slow you more than anything, so release the anxiety, and navigate it as best you can ☺️
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    Funny story related to that thing you said about murdering you while you sleep:
    Whenever I go to sleep I fantasize about shadows and monsters suddenly reaching out and attacking me and it makes me uncomfortable.
    BUT when I go to sleep during stressing times (be it deadlines or exams or whatever) I find immense relief fantasizing about the exact same things. The real-life stress and fantasy fear clash and nullify each other wonderfully!
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