Would love to share my experience with tutorial hell.

A year ago, if there is no tutorial teaching me how to do something, I am totally lost and stuck for days. Then, I decided to see how people got out of it.

The answer turned to be simple, get comfortable reading documentation AFTER you determine what you are trying to accomplish.

In other words:
1- Determine the problem and the desired end result.
2- Break the problem down into multiple smaller ones.
3- Determine the end result of the solution of each of those problems.
4- Read the documentation concerning what you need to use to solve each problem.
5- Execute.

Over time, you would find the need for a tutorial much less in order to solve a problem. Plus, documentation would ideally give the optimal solution for your problem.

Would still be cool if you find a tutorial explaining something hard to grasp, but never depend on finding one.

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    Don't you think you'd need tutorials for learning new concepts in ML and this cannot be achieved by reading documentation?
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    Concepts: You probably need a course or a tutorial.

    Technologies: Not necessarily.
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