Scene: Senior developer left, 3 Junior devs(including me) are now loaded with work.

*Intern asks for help*

JuniorDev1: I have 2 projects of which i'm the lead on one. I don't have time to help anyone.
JD2: 2 projects as well dude, speak to me after work, much easier then.
Me: 3 projects, lead on two. Sure how can i help you.

Took less than 5 minutes to help the intern.

2 hours Later. Check in meeting

PM: Our Junior devs are really busy and can't always help you guys. JD1 are you overloaded?

JD1: Yes, is their anyway we can split the one projects work?

PM: Sure. JD2 are you overloaded?

JD2: Not really, but i agree on splitting the projects between the three of us.

Me: *Are these fuckers serious? i have three projects, they have 2 and they wanna give me more work because they are overloaded and don't know how to manage their time*

PM: Ok cool, i'll update it. CooCooK4Choo, i see you building your own game during lunch time. You definitely not overloaded.

Me: Actually! what i do in my lunch time is my own personal work because it's the only time i have to work on personal projects. I actually do feel overloaded with the 3 projects and now more work from them, could we split the work load evenly please.

PM: I thought you said you could handle the 3 projects?

Me: I can, i have been, but with more work coming my way i don't think i'll be able to.

PM: Unfortunately i need the other Junior Devs on demand, so i won't be able to split the work load evenly.

Me: On demand for what? Why not let the interns help?

PM: In case i need their help. The interns are helping the other Junior Devs with things that don't require too much out of them.

Me: *This FUCKEN BITCH!* Cool, I'm done with the 1 project, expect the business rules at the end of the day. I'll see if i can get the other 2 near done by Friday so i can have time to look over the code of the new projects that i'll be splitting with the other Junior Devs.

PM: Cool, glad we all on the same page.

You know what? FUCK this stupid shit of favoring people in the FUCKEN work place.
This is my first full-time job ever, I've been here for a full year today and i can honestly say these people are just giant children with money. I should know, out of work i am a giant child, but from 8:00 - 16:00 i'm a FUCKEN adult.

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    Cool story here's ++
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    dear lord hearing all the horror stories about people working at a job makes me not want to ever work at a job in my life more and more...
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    I know it's difficult but if you're overloaded you really need to learn to push back on getting more added. You can't keep all those promises and keep a healthy balance in your life!
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    "I see u building your own game during lunch time. You def not overloaded"
    Oh yea well i c u stalking me during lunch time. Fuck you
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    @SukMikeHok there will always be assholes like these in work enviroment, you just have to find a way to endure it
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    To be honest: start looking for a new job! 3 juniors plus interns are no place for you to grow. There isn't someone more expirienced to teach you or review your code. There isn't someone who can say "no" to the PM. They will just load you with work until you collapse and since you're a junior, you won't even get paid a good salary, so as long as it works those fuckers will have no incentive to change.

    Therefore my advice to you: polish your CV and start to look for a new job.
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    ...the beauty of managers who know jack shit about what they're managing...
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    Quit bro that's a similar scenario of what I've been going through for the last 4 months and I just drafted my resignation paper. If u doubt 20% it will not change then it wont. If there is no chance for a promotion to senior. Quit. From 1 Dev to another. Unless u go on and find a solution please hit me with it .
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    @devTea no he doesn't he can just find a new job and quit. There is no need to give them that attitude they need him it's not the other way around we all go through that phase and do that stupid thing of finding a way to endure it. He will eventually collapse.
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    Catch that person eating lunch on lunch break and say AHH SO YOU ARE NOT OVERLOADED WITH WORK FOR SURE.
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    Start searching for a new job!
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    @kalex This happen to you bro?
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    Yeah. I NEVER EVER open my mouth about my side projects.

    I currently work 2 jobs, both development, and am building a business on the side.

    My main job thinks I only work for them.

    My side job thinks I only work for them.

    The side hustle, the boss (me) knows that the other 2 jobs are just temporary and are a means to an end.

    Everyone talks about their weekends like “I’m going hiking and camping and not taking my laptop, what are you doing”

    I say “the same, relaxing” and I do this because...

    1. I’m a nice guy who like a bit of small talk to build relationships.

    2. The work I do on the weekends is NONE OF THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS.

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    I wouldn't suggest you quit. At least not on the spot. Thats not how you make things better necessarily in the long run. That should be the last resort.

    Instead ask the PM for a one on one talk and explain the situation to her like you did here, maybe with less swearing. Ranting definitely helps, but if you just suck it in and don't properly deal with it how would she know that she's doing you wrong.

    BUT make it clear to her that what you do in your breaks is your time and your time alone and that is absolutely none of her business. Explain to her that if she uses that as an argument again that you are going to look for a new job.

    If that doesn't better the situation or if she keeps dropping back to old habits have another talk with her. This time the final one.

    The reason I am writing all of this is because humans always interpret actions subjectively, even if you think you don't. She seems to be a new PM and I am sure she doesn't have bad intentions. But how is she gonna better if you don't give her feedback?

    Regardless, great rant. ++
    Best wishes you get things sorted.
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    You work the same amount anyway. The time you spend at work doesn't change if you have one or five projects. It's the manager's job to manage and prioritize your time.
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    ++Good story. You current workplace is toxic but don’t forget that your work ethic is what defines you and appears you have a strong one.

    The time you spend coding is time well spend (even if that is for bad PM).

    Keep the good spirit ^^
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