Recruiting front end right now… I’m tiered of this BS.
95% of applicants: “hey I don’t understand what you want, but look at my cool, ToDo app in <INSERT ANY framework>”
“Ok, now add a quick search in your todo project”
“Oh wow, it’s like 5 days work lol and should be managed at back end. I Shouldn’t care”.
How HOW these idiots even have a job ?
I’m out of words. I want to scream, pull my own hair and (Weirdly enough) watch a DareDevil movie

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    Well if you pay in peanuts shouldn’t expect anything but rats
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    I don't understand how these people are able to get jobs, that's why everything sucks lately, the bar has been lowered way too much for this shit.
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    @neeno stupid recruiters and bad management unfortunately.
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    Yes a textfield and a records.filter takes me 5 days too
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    Just hire the most normal behaving person. Skills can be learnt, personality is forever.

    We had a PhD guy a while ago. IQ probably around 170. Didn't get anything done, got one harrassment complaint and made me dream of punching the assholes face repeatedly. Was finally "let go", since he was a consultant. If he was an internal permanent, I think an accidental falling in the back stairs would've been the only option.
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    95% even of the hired frontend devs are completely retarded morons who barely manage to switch a computer on.
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    @molaram this is just blame shifting. Web/ui development has always been filled with self-learning bullshit pedddlers.
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    @molaram don't know. 80k $ seems better than penautes to me
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    @aviophile nothing wrong with self-learning. But most of them DON'T learn. They just know "enough" to make (notice, i didn't say write) some code. Which is usually OK to be recruited by some new company (not IT).

    Once I worked for a landing gear manufacturer. They had SO MUCH things with controlers, IoT and NOTHING to use them.

    Person before me (Yes, 250 people manufacturing company only had 1 developer) made up some “Application” if we could name it that. It was a .Net 1.1 full activeX "dashboard". Which... please sit down... Needed to be updated MANUALLY by developer every morning. (3 hours). (And .Net 3 was already out)

    While most of their floor machines had automatic reporting features.
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    Meanwhile I would CRUSH those kinds of job seekers in a code-off AND in interviews- yet there ain't shit around here for me to apply to besides some toilets or super underpaid/overqualified bullshit
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    @klutch Why would you take ANY time to crush them ? Just reject and move on. You don’t need to write “Sorry, but we have a found a more suitable candidate. Bla vla bla”, meaning “ Dude, you sux, I wasted my time even looking on your code”.

    Edit : Just ask them to show powers of 2 on a page. Only input : "power". 90% won't even understand 'What is the 2 power 3 ??"
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