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"Most tech content is bullshit"

N-gate summary:
"A webshit determines and announces the core truth of webshit. Hackernews bemoans the displacement of the technical book by the shitposting factory, but fails to reinvent the industry journal as a replacement. Other Hackernews debate whether the problem might actually be those snotty kids who don't know anything. The Hackernewsest post comes as someone declares critical thought as Considered Harmful, and recommends instead pestering random experts to train you for free. The rest of the comments are mad at Google for returning shitty search results, making it too difficult to just be told what to do."

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    And people wonder why I think statements like "the science is settled" is utter bullshit. As soon as I see that, and do any kind of exploration into the data, I find it is far from settled. I also find there is a significant amount of assumptions and story-telling going on.

    Anyway, good article.
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    What kind of pompous nerf says something like, "The science is settled" 😆
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    @SortOfTested I often hear this is conjunction with climate change and evolution.
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    Sounds like politico-speak and sound bites. No scientist worth their salt would ever make that statement, for fear of being laughed out of science.
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    @SortOfTested The thing is, science is funded by politics, so scientists will absolutely say that, and if their patron is friends with other scientists' patrons, nobody will dare laugh.
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    When I was working at LBL, we took a lot of grants both public and private. It was most of our funding. We would have some truly bullshit profiteering at times (painting the bay bridge labeled as "a study into the efficaciousness of evaluable oxidation resistant substrate coatings in a high humidity environment", as an example).

    That said, we would never consider impugning our own integrity as a political mouthpiece. If you find anyone who will and have some evidence, you have my tacit approval to beat the shit out of them.
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    @SortOfTested Hahahaha! Could you imagine? Some guy walks into a lab and beats the shit outa some poor sap. Leaves while saying, "SortOfTested sends her regards."

    Science kingpin
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    Sometimes when people say 'the science is settled', they are handwaving a mountain of caveats for some agenda.

    Sometimes when people say 'the science is settled', they are saying that while the details might be up for debate, a widely accepted model works so well that you'd be foolish to dismiss it without some bloody amazing evidence.

    The trick is telling the difference.
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    Mad at google returning shitty results? Learn how to google properly lol, I feel like a lot of people need education on that topic if we put aside the fact that they don't really know what are they looking for most of the time!
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