Hey guys!
Just joined devRant! Can't wait to get more involved!
Bored in the lockdown, I built an app which lets you chat with people around you.
Its called Cyrcl!
Built in over ~40 days, I was the sole developer.
Here is the tech stack - React native for the android and ios apps, mongodb and redis for the database, nodejs for the server and aws ec2 for the hosting!
I'd love to get some feedback, or discuss some of the hacks!
- Ardy

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    Come on guys, don't just downvote him. Sure it's borderline ad spam but it looks like he's actually just a guy proud of his chat app
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    Welcome to devRant!
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    Hey that's awesome. I've built the exact same thing. Legit not joking.

    I used Django/Python on heroku with PostgreSQL for back end and Qt QML for Android, iOS, Desktop and embedded Linux.

    ... I called it Circles
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    @parthanon whut! hahahaha!

    Is it live on the app store/play store?
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    @10Dev thank you so much! :)
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    @greengallop23 even better

    There's a web version!

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    @parthanon nicely done yo! I just signed up - is the home screen supposed to be a map? I can see a black grid, but nothing is loading? I'm on firefox btw
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    It takes a while :( It has a lot to load! But maybe check the debug log maybe something broke ☹️ Yea so you can add stuff to the map and it should give you a profile thing
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    @greengallop23 if you zoom out you should see this
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    @greengallop23 I tested your app. You are giving the user two options: "Activate GPS" and "No thanks".
    If I click on "no thanks" it forces me to activate it regardless of my decision.

    I know that this app needs the location of the user to find near circles, but why do you give the user the illusion of that freedom in the first place?

    Was that intended?
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    @parthanon yup. nothing crashed. that looks good yo! a very futuristic open graph look
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- thank you varmuch for downloading! tbh, i just ran out of time - this was the last thing i was implementing right before deployment, and i figured i'd fix this in the next version.

    you can still deny the location access, but nothing shows on the app except your own profile.

    in the next version - i'm considering showing atleast 'The World' or maybe a more user friendly reason to show why location is required.

    any thoughts?
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    @greengallop23 you're welcome. But all of that in just 40 hours is crazy. I assume that this wasn't your first project in this field.

    Besides of that. No, I don't really have improvement ideas. Thanks for getting back to me though.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- sorry 40 days. 40 hours is inhuman lol!

    Thank you! :)
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    @greengallop23 ah shit. My bad. I misread it haha.

    40 days is still a short amount of time for such a project. That's impressive.

    Was this type of project your first?

    You're welcome. I see a lot of potential in this app.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- thanks haha!
    I have been coding for a while, building either the frontend web apps or just the backend.

    This is the first time I've built the whole thing from scratch alone.
    Taking screenshots, writing copy and coming up with social media stuff takes so much time!
    Almost embarrassed with how much time the website took lol
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