Can anyone recommend me a good app to manage my schedule across the month? google calendars is not comfortable for me.

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    Maybe if you point out what exactly you don't like in Google Calendar, you'd get the right suggestions.
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    I'm using the one provided with Mailbox.org but it's similar to Google's.

    Would something like Trello suits your needs? I think they added a "calendar view" recently where you can easily see all your cards/tasks with deadlines.
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    @kamen nah mate just tell me what u use i will look it up myself then
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    @zemaitis Google Calendar :D
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    @kamen it doesnt sync well between web app and my android app. android app is behind. tried everything still same prob
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    @zemaitis IIRC Google offers its own calendar app that should sync better than the native in Android.
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    single sheet of paper.

    1. reduces the urge to waste time and overthink it by micromanagement. you only have 1 sheet of paper to work with. so you learn to prioritize quickly
    2. more lightweight and portable than any phone or laptop. and cheap to backup and replace!
    3. easy to change on the fly.

    4. cheap and secure and typically always available. "100%" up time, yes even on underground rail.

    5. beautiful minimalist ui, artfully rendered in crayola or any color you prefer, with a free and unique preinstalled system font, your own handwriting!
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    I personally prefer Tutanota's calendar!
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