Yesterday I wanted to make a small infographic. I started with photoshop, switched to illustrator, then indesign, then back to illustrator. All of them have super shitty quirks when it comes to work like that.
Next time I will just build it as a website and screenshot it. Elegance of code-based design is just unmatched. It brings reusability, consistency and precision to another level.

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    have you ever heard of Fireworks? it was macromedia's thing, until Adobe bought and killed it, of course.

    it was amazing. basically a combination of illustrator and photoshop, taking the best things of both, and improving on them.

    god,i miss Fireworks...
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    @Midnight-shcode ugh, why’d they kill it
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    Designing graphics aint easy my dude, photoshop in itself could be a whole damn degree.
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    @scout because it was awesome and not made by them.

    but i don't know why i said the same thing twice in the previous sentence XD
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    @bonegarden I know, I'm a graphic designer by trade.
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