After CSS Grid and Flexbox, I don't see the need for frameworks (except for utilities like margin and padding).

Change my mind 🙂

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    What kind of utilities would be needed for margins and paddings? And yes, stay away from frameworks, they are generally too big to be worth it. Just make your own.
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    @torbal Agree with someone on the internet? Are you mad?
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    Grid and flexbox revolutionized CSS. I remember when I first started with it, using

    position: relative

    all the damn time was really the only way to make a website even close to responsive
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    It's way easier for me to use classes than learn CSS.

    And then, I'm a backender, Linuxer and cybersecurity person so I don't want to spend a second more than needed on frontend regardless.
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    I absolutely hate what frameworks like Bootstrap did for the web. True, 10 or 20 years ago quick personal / pet project sites looked plain and boring, and only sites with dedicated developers had nice layout. But what did bootstrap bring? Those "minimal effort" sites still look bring as fuck, expect now they have bootstrap look & feel. What's even worse is that thanks to bootstrap, every fucking UI kit is just bootstrap with more bloat. To further prove my point, if you google "material CSS" you'll find a ton of projects, and except for the official Google projects, they all look & feel like a mutilated incest child of bootstrap and MD, because instead of making their own implementations, everyone just started with bootstrap. And the same goes for all sorts of templates which look & feel nothing like Bootstrap, but thanks to its shitty influence devs still started with bootstrap instead of writing clean CSS which does exactly what it needs without extra bloat.
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