Holy fuck, after 1 month of not using my pc and no coding I look at the project I was working on and it looks like chinese, I don't understand anything, so step 1 it's gonna be trying to remember how this thing worked (caveman brain turned on)

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    Either the code is indeed an unreadable pile of poo - or you are new.
    The former is solved by refactoring it to a readable state.
    The latter is solved by getting more coding experience.
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    @Oktokolo could also be that the code is readable but the architecture is complex, not very obvious and lacking documentation. I tend to do that pretty often and it's not something I'm proud of.
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    documentation should be written before, after, and most importantly *during* development: and it should cover

    1. what you HAVE done

    2. what you are *considering* doing and why

    3. what you plan on doing in total (the dreaded todo list and all the relevant would-dos)

    4. what you plab on doing in the short term, or given cycle, as well as things to try and accomplish *today* in order to better focus your efforts

    5. decisions you've made, tradeoffs, and the reaaoning for then at the time.

    6. a note about where you left off in the last session
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    Comments, do you use them ?
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    *questions your coding practices
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