I have never been this serious with my life as a whole as I have since I started learning computer programming. I struggled to read one book a year (I mean non programming book like self improvement books e.t.c). Now I have finished two books in a little over a month and started reading a third book this month all while still studying programming. I started out with python and was honestly terrified of Java because of the semicolons, curly braces, parenthesis in front of if/else if/else statements but one day I decided to take a peek into a few Java programming books and found one "Learn Java the Easy Way" by Bryson Payne and it changed my life, quite literally. I read more now, I look forward to getting out of bed and any day I don't read, I just don't feel right. I need to read something and learn at least one new thing a day. If I feel awful at night, I just remind myself of the one new thing I learnt that day and that puts a smile on my face.

Side note, I am self-taught and started studying programming last year around November/December. Spent about two months on python and in January or February, I started Java. Been on Java since. Almost done with the Java book and looking forward to reading a more advanced book when I'm done.

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