We have been chilling a lot in our comfy clothes during Work From Home.

Wondering how many of us would be sticking to comfy attire even when the office resumes?

So, Comfy or Professional - which one is going to be your go-to-Office outfit? 😎

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    Something inbetween. A trendy shirt. A tie is a big NoNo.
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    I haven’t worn anything besides sweatpants and t-shirts for the past 3 months ... maybe three exceptions
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    @sawmurai I haven't worn anything but sweatpants (or shorts) and t-shirts since I started at the company I currently work at, that is for a year and 3/4 or so, except for special occasions. Do some companies actually require "professional" attire from devs in 2020? Sounds alien...
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    It's an old trick which flip the switch in your mind.

    By wearing "professional" attire ,you switch your brain into "work" mode.

    I have similar trick but it is not a dress code. Put a carbonated drink , get the slow music playing , close all social media put me into "work mode"
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    I work in IT, and I don't meet with customers in person, therefore I can wear anything that is not broken or dirty. Say t-shirt, jeans, and comfy shoes. Although I try to dress it up just a notch most days by putting on a collared shirt and a pullover when it's cold, or a polo shirt when it's warm.
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    Comfy, but with jean shorts (a.k.a. jn).
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    My style of dress has not changed.
    Except sometimes I've spent entire days without changing out of my pjs.
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    @theuser Comfortable yet stylish, great! :D
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    @mr-user Yeah, its a nice trick to trick your mind into working!
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    @SomeNone That's cool. We got to meet so many people when we are out that our clothes and our dressing style does matter be it working in an IT company or otherwise. 😅
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    It's a trick everybody could use. Just do the same thing over and over whenever you feel the same emotion. After a while when you do the same thing you feel that emotion.

    For example touch your left hand whenever you feel relax such as listening to music. After a while touching your left hand make you feel relax.
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