Once we were going to present a web service to governmental firm. All is going well so far and my boss asks me to host the web application the day before the presentation.

I hosted it and all was good with demo production tests, but I had a bad feeling.

While it was running on our server, I also ran it locally with a reverse proxy just in case.

* Meeting starts *

* Ice broken and down to business *

"And now our developer will run the demo for you..."

* Run the demo from my laptop to double check --> 500 Internal Server Error *

Holy shit!!!

* Opens reverse proxy link on my laptop. Present demo during meeting. Demo works like a charm. *

Firm representative: "Great! Looking forward to go live."

*Our team walks out*

GM: "Good job guys"


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    Did you figure out the problem with the demo server? Was the host you used just unreliable and crashed?
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    I'm now very curious what the 500 error was about
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    @localjoost Server Error? Probably some stuff with server configuration, if not with web service itself
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    To be exact, it was HTTP Error 500.30 - ANCM In-Process Start Failure.

    The reason was I was using Asp.Net Core 2.2 but did install the module AspNetCoreModuleV2.

    The solution was to revert back to Asp.Net Core 2.1 which did not need it.

    Lesson learned: Only using LTS technologies in production.
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