So this year we get a mini fridge of a second router.

Excellent job Microsoft and Sony lol

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    It could be worse. I didn't like the ps5 design at all tough.

    But i'm totally excited for demon's souls
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    Oof *mini fridge or a second router
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    @Stuxnet Even with the correction I have zero clue as to what you are talking about.
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    @Demolishun new video game consoles designs, xbox nao looks like a fridge(awfully squared) and ps5 looks like a router(awful too)
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    @JhonDoe Okay, yeah, the xbox one looks like a vcr. I get it now, ty.

    When I found out that new consoles were all going to downloading games I lost complete interest. Might as well just get a steam account and a decent PC.
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    @Demolishun Totally with you. I'm just in my first year of pc gaming and don't plan to go back to consoles, will get ps5 just if there are at least 3 game exclusives that I would want
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