Stacktraces with zero useful information.
Two full days of breakpoint stepping and framework spelunking.
"bifurcated" object creation.
Delegatd everything.
Inheritence hell fucking everywhere.
Models with both `has_one :x` AND `has_many :x`!?
Automatically-created objects when reading from magic virtual columns!?

What the fuck is this fucking four-dimensional spaghetti monstrosity and just how many angel puppies did I torture and maim in a previous life to deserve this nightmare?

And all of this to fix 12 fucking specs, out of the 1,780 this fucking ticket requires me to break and fix. FML

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    How many monkeys, and where did you patch them?
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    "framework spelunking" ah yes found something good to ste-I mean, borrow.
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    @SortOfTested If I could figure out which monkeys are responsible, I would gladly patch them. 😠
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    Holy Enterprize code hell!

    At least no decompile is required...
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    That's one of my main criticisms with overly abstracted programming models. If anything goes wrong, abstraction turns into obfuscation.
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    Clearly what you need is another layer of abstraction. ¬_¬
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