Jest - painless javascript unit testing

"pAinLesS jAvsCriPt uNiT tEsTinG"

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    "snapshot testing"
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    Painless JavaScript anything, hrhr. ^^

    Also, the "devrant" tag is for stuff related to devRant itself. There is no "developer rant" because there are only developers supposed to be here.
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    Remember, there's always karma: https://github.com/karma-runner/...
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    "painless anything unit testing"
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    @Tounai Unit testing is for people who don't trust their code so that they write even more mockup code that they suddenly do trust.

    They're like guys who can talk to any girl around EXCEPT the one they'd like to bang.
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    @Fast-Nop I trust myself but not the guys that comes after me
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    @Tounai So you create mockup code that will dwarf the actual business code in LOC and make sure that refactoring will never happen because it would cost a metric shit-ton of money for no customer value.

    That's like using two condoms for trying to make sure that even the guy after you won't knock up the girl.
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    “(3) Periodic timers left in queue”

    Yeah I’ve done enough JavaScript to know painless isn’t a thing
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