Anyone else been in a conf call where nobody cares what you say? No matter how good you explain your point. And everytime you say something, someone else just starts talking over you.

And then you realize that you have muted yourself.

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    Yes, with the exception that nobody cares about my opinion even if I'm unmuted
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    Yeah the exact thing happened to me :)
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    I propose a feature that recognizes from the camera image when you are talking and notifies you that you are muted! Shouldn't be that hard.
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    @Lensflare or... you could just do what Skype did and notify you are muted when you make a sound into microphone. Shouldn't be that hard ;)
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    @Lensflare zoom does that
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    @vintprox yeah right :)
    I was thinking about muting the headset on the hw.
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    yep! had it last year when discussing a project with a client and how I think it should be structured. Was on conference call last night with them for the next phase of the project and they were discussing about redoing the app to the exact same structure I'd suggested last year, as if it was their idea.

    So I decided to sent the screen recording of the prototype app from last year that I done to show the concept and they finally got it! Only taken 8months
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    @Lensflare Jitsi has a similar feature too. "Your microphone appears to be noisy, but you are muted."
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    @Jilano looks like jitsi assumes all our conversations to be "noise"
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    @asgs Can't say it's wrong *shrugs*
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    @Lensflare , yeah the camera could be used to automatically detect speech. But then it would just unmute me belching. Sometimes even farting.
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    @thatDude no, it should not unmute you automatically. Just tell you that you appear to be speaking and are muted.
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    i propose we call this "The Sixth Sense problem" XD
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    Almost, I managed to mute myself except everyone was randomly quiet everytime I started talking, so I though they hear me, but choose to ignore everything I say. By the time I noticed Im muted everyone was saying good bye :|
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