nothing wrong here

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    Absolutely wrong. Should've set the timeout to 500 ms
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    The developer of the website had no tethics in him😂
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    Amateurs. You have to hide shit like that through a bunch of different function calls. Make it harder to trace
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    Well hey, I like it. No API calls. They probably got that requirement, got a bit mad at what it would take and just did it like so instead.

    Should've minimized it though.
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    I've seen this everywhere
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    No sane person could believe that the number is true anyway.
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    Just looking at this site makes your eyes bleeding 😂 how anybody is supposed to buy that, champ sales?
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    real pros hard code a number and save the math for the shopping cart
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    It's funny because I work in data systems and put in immense effort to make sure it's accurate. Where it's not then I make sure to phrase it as such.

    For example if you can't collect everything then you say at least.

    So many people do just cheat and put in rand which takes five minutes to fake their data where as I deal in real data.

    It's a real fucking pox on "data science" or just programming anything reliant on data.

    We scope out competitors and quite often it's 100% fake like this, It's really sad.

    Several years ago I wrote websocket daemons by hand and before that I made my own socket.io to make sites interactive and to be able to talk to or interact with other users.

    Then I see these people that ship mockups as the real deal and it's so sad.
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    this is like the 14th time this site has been on here.
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    @RANTSMCPANTS If I look at it from customer perspective, it really does not matter how many people are checking the same product as me. So why all the work?

    The biggest eshop in our country shows customers who actually bought the product in the last week which seems much more useful.
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    @hitzoR Also, chances are, nobody is looking at the product simultaneously. It would be real nonsense to properly do it.
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    Umm yes there is something wrong here... He's using jQuery...
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    @REXTON Looks like its a woocommerce page, so someone downloaded a plugin then.
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    @hitzoR I think the intention might be to produce a feeling that others are interested in the product because they are looking at it. To make it more attractive to buy.

    Now I wonder how many sites are implementing that kind of random() logic on the backend.
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    privacy issue if you do,
    false advertising if you don't.
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