Android studio sux.

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    VsCode + flutter / dart all the way!

    I'm new to the app dev scene, but damn I feel like a child in a candy store building my little app and seeing it actually work.
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    Need fricking update every week and always breaking legacy code
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    Remember that time their examples and templates were broken out of the box?
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    @C0D4 Exactly my feelings lol, it's a beautiful combination
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    @Wisecrack I can't say I do.
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    i think Google has the idea of consumers using quantum computers with petabytes of RAM
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    It's actually better than xcode for some stuff, but in general I do totally agree with you
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    I hate it so much, I'd say that with every update, all they bring is a new splash screen.

    I don't tho. It was the first IDE that gave me suggestions while typing ;_; and so, hazzz a special place in ma'hart.
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    I do use it as a heater though. Such heat. Much use.
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    @akshar haha nice. When my feet are cold I place my feet beneath the laptop. I always have cold feet. Even now in summer.
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