After learning and creating a web app with mvc framework what do you think I should further learn? Especially to be good at job market or creating pet apps?

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    learn to sell your work.

    A) My X app is mvc. There are buttons and forms. Please use my app.

    B) X App is the way you never experienced x! X App has an easy to use interface. Dont take my word for it! Become one of the hunderts happy X App customer. Expirience x app for yourself with 20% off for the first two months.
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    @heyheni thanks so much for the advice.
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    solve a problem people have. tell others about it. offer it at a reasonable price or ask for input on what people *would* pay for it (two payment options, a very low minimum, and a "pay what you want" so you can get data about what price points entice people).

    pay attention to new feature requests.

    continue grinding and growing.

    sell before someone builds better funded competition.

    smoke weed, get pussy, never fuck with computers again except to program in your freetime for fun.

    well that last paragraphs optional if its not your thing.
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