Been on a conference call with some coworkers and a huge company which is trying to sell us a new tool for our CI environment. Sales guys ask us sensible questions about our requirements and try to find out our needs. No one of my coworkers says a word. Sales guys rephrase their questions but STILL: Crickets on the line from our side and this call gets embarrassing. So I try to explain our SW dev process and explain what we need for our CI and suddenly Mr. Manager sends me a text msg telling me to to "STFU!"....Oh well THANK YOU, I just tried to be polite to these sales guys who were invited by US and took their time to present us their really good tool. I mean cmon...what is F*CKING WRONG with you?

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    I've been in that boat before. Thanks for being respectful.
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    Why TF waste dev time on this??
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    @magicMirror Because the cognitive skills of our management team are on a par with cockroaches, so they always get some unsuspecting devs on a sales pitch call to 'evaluate things'. Which translates to 'Help we are managers in a high tech company but we don' t know shit, please help us savvy tech guys and save our overpaid asses. '
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    You gotta have the stalking horse to shoot down in order to justify whatever shit your asshole boss actually wants to buy. Bureaucracy and box checking are secondary to value and ethics.
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    @jaydee101 This sounds like management knows exactly what they want and invited devs for some reason other than for them to help.
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