I tried to sort out a basic Multi layer neural network last night....by hand, just to prove that I was able to do the math by myself and understand that I have the intuition in control rather than just rely on Tensorflow or Pytorch to do shit for me.

I stayed up till 3 in the morning and woke up having nothing but dreams about the endeavor. Shitty part is that i couldn't stop dreaming about partial derivatives and how shit it was that I sucked at them in HS and uni. I get them now, but fuck I just feel that I could have done so much better at uni instead of passing my math classes with 80% to 90% of the grade. I feel as if I was slacking all thanks to being damn near mathematically dyslexic

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    Math is hard, they say. You know what's also hard? Reading code with goddamn one letter variables that don't make any fucking sense.

    But coders get slapped for that shit, mathheads don't.
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    @Fast-Nop man If K&R has shown me something is that you crazy lot do that all the time!
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    @AleCx04 Sure - because it's a cheap trick to make oneself look like a next level coder by fooling other people into not even grasping your bubble sort.

    It's like driving a Tesla makes you look cool if you can make sure that the others can only buy Honda Civics.
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