Anyone here working with quantum computing stuff? If so, what do you do exactly? Are you more of a theoretical physicist or a programmer? Does it pay well? Is it fun?

I'm learning about QC and considering specializing in it, but idk if it's a good career path.

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    It could become a good career path if the US government can be coaxed into believing that QC is awesome for developing over-engineered new ways of blowing up shit which only work against random towelheads whose only military training consisted of sucking donkey cocks.

    In absence of that, a backup career plan can be nuclear fusion power plants. That is already a subsidy dumpster of vaporware, but this also means it's more crowded with competing smart people who have learnt to divert tax money into their pockets.
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    @Fast-Nop "towelheads"

    never heard that before.
    it's great. now i want a situation in which i can use it before i forget it again.
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