By looking at the prototypes and technical ideas which I fail to implements due to various reason , I got an idea.

I got an idea to have a kind of grave yard where people can bury their fail prototype and technical ideas and other people can dug them for inspiration or profits.

As the saying goes "One man trash is another man treasure."

I hope this idea of making a grave yard will not be "an actual fail idea"

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    So you can also learn from other people mistakes.
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    There is a museum for this, look up Tom Scott's video on the museum of failure
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    That's actually a good idea!

    When you trash it, maybe someone can do it.
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    Did you mean github?
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    No , github may have other project which is successful. This grave yard is for a "fail one". The slogan for it is "There is one guarantee that I can give you.It's don't work"
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