So burnt out.
The worst sort of burn out is when your excited and you still wanna go but you can't seem to get your body to anymore.
Even on a forced break I seem to be thinking product.
I always thought it was so cool in movies where the coder is working there and sleeping there and eating there and chilling there.
Thanks to covid - I've first hand experienced this.
Oh and uh, I fuckin hate it.
I wanna go out.
I miss my coworking space with all the other idiots around me!
I miss eating out!
I miss going out for a beer!
Oh sweet beer how I miss the sweet breweries where I'd get fleeced for a pint!
Take my moniez! Pliz!
Just someone find a vaccine!

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    Want a vaccine faster, donate PC time to folding @ home.

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    @SortOfTested oh wow this is quite cool thanks. Will run it tonight
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    Try playing an interesting and mentally demanding game. That might demand enough CPU time to force the other task (thinking about the product) into hibernation.
    Alcohol can be a temporary solution only. Establishing a new hobby is a solution, that works immediately and keeps working in the long run.

    You can combine with with going for a walk in the forest and/or choosing a game wich features outside areas to ease the jailed-at-home feeling.

    Can also combine with video chats and/or choosing a multiplayer game to sate the need for social interaction.
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    Owh, I have seen that protein simulation presentation that was run in a supercomputing center in Germany.
    It's pretty cool though I only understood 20% of what the researchers explained. 😅
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    @Oktokolo great ideas all in all 🙏
    Might have overdone the alcohol bit lol
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