THIS JUST IN: American colleges are dedicated to renaming "master's" degrees to "main's" degrees, following GitHub's example

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    Don't give them ideas.
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    @Stuxnet THIS JUST IN: @rutee07 will now be mainbating, following GitHub's example
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    So you are implying that bachelor students aren't important. My injustice makes slaves in North korea injustice to look like nothing comperard to my problems. #CancelAmerica #CancelAlgo

    PS: Cya in court where i am gonna sue you for a zillion dollars.
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    Well, on my fucking papers it says "master's"
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    @Lyniven Well, the only logical solution to that would be to retake the main's degree
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    I don't think it will affect much. It is just rebranding. I like the word "master" more than "main".

    On other note does rebranding actually work. No matter how they change the name , I always remember their past deed.
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    @Frederick What?! There should be Bachelorette too. You evil white men control everything! Women never get a voice in this. Imagine "Bachelorette of Science in Information Technology, Nurd Gurls of Society".

    That's it. I'm gonna die my armpit hair pink.
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    America: Jack of all insanities, main of no sanity.
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    It won't work. "Main" suggest some kind of precedence, hierarchy. It is clearly against the notion that everyone is equal. What now!?
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    Oh that’s so dumb
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    I have a masters in fishing. Main Baiter is not gonna work.
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    @Demolishun "Main baiter" i wouldnt speak about it out loud, when @rutee07 is around if i were you ;)
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