Just got a bottle of baileys as a gift for acing my "end of high school" exams. I never had my own bottle before. How do you store these things? It has milk in it so I might want to put it in the fridge, but only if otherwise it's good for less than a week, because everyone else in the family also loves it so in the fridge it'll be empty within a week.

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    I honestly can't suggest how to store it, they don't last long enough 🥃🥃
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    @C0D4 I want to save it for next Saturday. I would drink it before, but I want to share it with special people.
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    You don't need to refrigerate it, just keep it from getting too warm, <= 25C.
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    @spongessuck I was contemplating whether my room is below 25 or not, until I realized that 25 is pretty fucking hot for a room in central Europe. So I guess it's fine.
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    You give it to me. I'll use if for my daily enema.
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    As long as the bottle isn't opened, you don't need to cool it. It's not cooled in the store either, usually.

    However for actual drinking, it should be put in the fridge before.

    Oh, and don't try to mix it with anything that contains citric acid. It's an ugly mess, like tea + milk + lemon.
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    @Fast-Nop that brings back memories of a life since gone, plus who doesn't mix it with citric acid?

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    Apparently below 25°C it lasts up to 2 years, even if opened.
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