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Playing with the controller and power management using the torque sensor, managed to get this flatland cook-off going today on the fat tire ebike with only 50watts of assistance. Efficiency gains over stock of 28%! 30mph on a bike feels ridiculously unsafe, but the looks you get from cars are even better.

Love being able to gather all this telemetry (GPS, elevation, pulse, durations), gives me stuff to fish through and data to play with.

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    First I was like 30 km/h is nothing on a bike. Then I noticed freedom units.
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    @electrineer fourteen football fields per SuperBowl halftime show.
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    @electrineer still the same. I do that from time to time on my street bike. Cycling down mountains, now that is stupid fast. Did over 80km/h a few times. Taking over cars and everything (not moterbikes though. They are completely insane)
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    @hjk101 what's your favourite mountain in the Netherlands?
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    Yeah, I'm definitely not riding the equipment for that. This is a hardtail with 4" tires.
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    @SortOfTested nope that is single track material.

    @electrineer haha you got me there. Need to go to more South for the real experience Austria, France, Italy, Spain. Although we have some hills that make you go fast (or slow on the uphill battle).
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