The frontend developers in my company are the reason why I have anxiety. Here are few things that grinds my knees:
1) for a long time in projects, they deleted the auth token from their storage without integrating the logout api. They thought why use an API for that. :)
2) most of them had no clue that form fields could accept javascript as inputs and work as XSS vulnerabilities. This actually happened with a client, he got so fucking pissed.
3) One of them asked me to convert a PATCH request to DELETE cos fuck REST and HTTP methods.

For fuck’s sake. I need to get out of this place.

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    Oh shit... cunts!
    Nice username btw.
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    If they are open to learning, why not schedule some time to educate them, you get an easier life and they will appreciate you? Until you deal with this you will face it wherever you go. Sharing knowledge and learning how to share without being patronising or condescending is a very valuable skill to learn. Good luck!
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    @helloworld if that was the case, it would have been great. But my team has collectively tried to help them through 9 sessions. At the end, we’re helpless because they don’t want to improve and the boss doesn’t give a flying fuck.
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    @stonyark OK... get the fuck out!
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