So this has happened before, but I think I’m gonna deliver late on this project. I really don’t want to look bad within the first six months of a new job. Someone lie to me and say it’ll all work out. 😭😭

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    you have your self proclaimed superpower: narcissism.
    You're a master in gaslighting others into feeling guilty for your failures. And your submissive pet coworker you are grooming to take advantage of, will take the fall as everytime. Compassion is for loosers you're the greatest programmer mankind has ever seen and every one who is saying otherwise will regrett it big-time.
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    So what if you're late? It's part of the job. You'll have to learn how to deal with it
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    As long as you have good justification, and inform your bosses early - as soon as you notice you will be late.

    There is always a risk... Sometimes deadlines can be pushed... Good luck!
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