Really wanting to bail on all the meetings I have left this week... ☹️

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    ^^ Mood ^^
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    Agreed. Meetings should be the last fucking resort for anything. You literally waste so much useful time on them that it pissed me off.

    Just send a fucking email if what you want to know is status. Oh, and if you (the host) are just looking at your fucking phone all meeting long, FUCK YOU

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    @Lyym it's worse than that. When you have a meeting about a research project, and I swear to all the gods, old and new, that every person involved change their words and mind from the last meeting so all you've worked on is now out of the window because everyone has a completely different vision of where you're headed now...
    Yeah, that just happened again.
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    @NoMad that's fucked up
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    Once a client changed their mind after making me work on the solution for a month. They reached the conclusion I arrived at when they first suggested it. "This is stupid".

    So I was to remove all the work they made me add. Which is easy, just emotionally infuriating.
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    @ODXT yeah but you got paid for it.
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    Too many meetings is definitely a bad idea to begin with 😕
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    Now if you'll excuse me, I have meeting to get to.

    Sadly I'm not joking. Such a waste of time.
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    @ODXT same, Tuesdays are a pain in the ass with meetings
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    @NoMad do it. And if that ask, tell them...
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    Urgh... I had those too. Had strong urges to take "sick day" just to work in peace... not sure if that's how you're supposed to use unlimited PTO perks...
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