I’ve been hired by a company as a developer while I’m still working, what you would say to you current employer if you need to start in 2 weeks?

My current job is my first one as a developer, and they’re really nice so I hope I can leave in good terms.

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    tell them that you regret to inform them that you will be leaving, and that you enjoyed working for them.
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    @mghrist that way my option 1 haha but still felt bad for leaving without much much anticipation.
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    Immediately hand in a two weeks notice and recite the following:

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    @SortOfTested that was option 2, I was thinking on using anime dialogues as notice, they will be more worried about my mental health than me leaving.
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    Interestingly enough, most of my guys in Japan are more the rakugo type. Artsy fuckers.
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    @SortOfTested I had to search the term, that’s definitely a way to leave that no one will forget lol.
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    Tell them peace out bitchez.
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