New normal. New app to build.

- Still have to maintain older systems in parallel
- That leaves 1 week for developing the new app
- Slept 2 hours a day, coding coding coding
- Tested the shit out of the app because.. hey, its to help the customers' safety and health... I don't mind staying up late
- Finished the app in 5 days, code is now on prod
- Could barely look myself at the mirror because I look like shit
- Btw the app requires an external device as an input, the existing device works flawlessly based on my testing
- We need more devices
- Clueless manager bought new model instead. He assumed everything is fine, no testing is required
- Tested the app with new device model, doesn't work
- Deadline closing in
- Thanks, there goes my sleep

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    safety. numba one priority.
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    Using SOLID principles and something like Clean Architecture make things easier. You have all the infrastructure code under a well defined and separated layer, which then you just need to change the methods that interact with that device when things change.
    But I know that feeling, it sucks

    Edit: welcome to devrant!
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