Uber driver: What do you do?

Me: I make apps and do some server side programming

Uber driver: Does that mean you have to type in 1s and 0s all day?

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    we seduce machines to do our bidding for a living
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    C0d1ng there even is a 0 and a 1 in the word, coincidence?
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    That's actually a pretty fun reaction, showing he at least knows something. Even better if it was a joke. Most responses are like, "Oh so you stare at a pc all day", or "You must be a giant nerd".
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    @marthulu haha the best is when they ask to repair there computer
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    @marthulu Definitely sounds like a joke. OP is fulfilling stereotype that programmers are socially clueless.
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    @devios1 you only need one button
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    Friend's mom: "Do you have to memorize codes for that? Like '49'?"
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    @cleveloper welcome to devRant!
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    Last taxi driver I had talk about code was telling me how he used to program in COBOL back in the 80's. I'd say that could be any of us in 30 years, but there won't be any human taxi drivers in 30 years (hopefully still humans though)
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    I have gotten that so many times
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    It could be worse.
    He could have an actual printer in the car, point it to you and ask "it broke, can you fix it?"
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    Uber driver: "Can you make me an app?"
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    Consider yourself lucky. Two of the last 3 uber drivers I’ve had, who found out I make apps for a living, have enthusiastically tried to get me to code their imaginary app for them. This person is just harmlessly adorable 😄
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